Ms. Oklahoma America ’12 Carla Gonzalez Lends Support to Anti-Bullying Efforts

Gonzalez will enter the forthcoming Ms. America pageant hoping to draw attention to anti-bullying.

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) – Carla Gonzalez continues to demonstrate exemplary leadership in her titles as Ms. Oklahoma America 2012, Ms. U.S. of America 2011, and Ms. Oklahoma United States 2009-2010 by lending her support to various anti-bullying initiatives in hopes of reaching teens and young children.

Since being crowned the winner of the Ms. Oklahoma America pageant, Gonzalez has used her platform to attract awareness to anti-bullying. As the 2012 Ms. America pageant approaches, Gonzalez intends to enter the contest with anti-bullying as her platform.

Since winning Ms. Oklahoma America, Gonzalez has dedicated her energy to protecting youth from bullying, speaking to local and national groups about the detrimental effects of bullying on teens and children.

Gonzalez, an accomplished clinical social worker, holds a national certification in Bullying Prevention and a Master’s Degree in clinical social work from the University of Oklahoma. She has also been invited to become a member of the International Bullying Prevention Association’s Board of Directors, which she may join soon. Gonzalez has also committed her time to preventing teen dating violence by providing education in schools and receiving extensive training, stating “It is of utmost importance to educate teens in regards to bullying and dating violence, our future relies on the awareness of these issues in all age groups and I am dedicated to making a difference and taking a stand. It is truly a humbling experience to provide support and information to our teens.”

Outside of advocacy and activism, Gonzalez has proven to be a formidable beauty with an extensive career in modeling before and after her run as the reigning 2011 Ms. U.S. of America. In the modeling world, Gonzalez is practically a seasoned veteran, taking part in numerous print and commercial shoots, including her recent pictorial in Supermodels Unlimited Magazine. Her modeling experience includes fashion shows, including a stint modeling for project Runway contestant Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie.

Gonzalez is grateful to once again enter the pageantry foray, working with pageant coach Janice McQueen, niece of actor Steve McQueen, former Mrs. United States and director for the Mrs. United States pageant. Gonzales is supported by sponsor Areal Restaurant in Santa Monica, formerly known as The World Café.

The 2012 Ms. America competition being held on April 15th, 2012 is etching closer; Gonzalez looks to make quite the impression in this year’s pageant. She is also considering how her presence can attract awareness to anti-bullying. Gonzalez views her commitment to finding solutions to bullying as more than just a platform, it’s also an opportunity to create a safer environment that eventually transforms younger generations into healthy and productive adults.

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